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Hotter Shoes
case study

Experimentation that helped Hotter Shoes increase revenue by up to 18.5% and delight customers

Hotter is a direct-to-consumer footwear brand and one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in the UK. The client focuses on product innovation, a customer-centric approach, and continual reinvestment in customer experience. They have been partners with Endless Gain for over 4 years. During that time, they have evolved optimization strategy from basic A/B testing to running hundreds of more complex experiments and personalised experiences. All of them have been led by in-depth research, including advanced biometric research, data-led insights, and consumer psychology.

​​Continuous optimisation leads to better customer experience

The client has two focus areas of optimization: The Product Details Page (PDP) and Checkout.

1. Product Details Page (PDP)

The Product Details Page (PDP) has been one of the focus areas for Hotter in its optimisation efforts. Insights from analytics, biometric research, session recordings, and customer interviews demonstrated that the product image area on the PDP wasn’t persuading customers to buy the products they were looking at.

Over 12 months, Endless Gain repeatedly optimized this page area, running six image-focused experiments where 50% of experiments showed a higher probability of being better than their control counterparts, and were hardcoded into the website, thereby becoming the new control to be challenged. By continuously learning and iterating, Endless Gain improved the customer experience on PDPs, significantly improving the addition to bag and UCR.

2. Checkout

Another important focus area for optimisation on has been the Checkout. Over 12 months, Endless Gain ran multiple experiments within the funnel, optimizing one element after another, supported by detailed insights from both conventional and biometric research. These experiments together yielded a significant improvement in UCR and RPU.

Watch Rob Watson  talk about Hotter’s experience with Endless Gain

“Their obsession with improving customer experience has allowed us to produce a customer experience that our customers tell us they love.”

Rob Watson
Head of E-commerce | WWW.HOTTER.COM