How Biometric Research Makes Your Website the Best It Can Be

Garret Cunningham

When it comes to online marketing, even fledgling businesses will normally have a clear idea of who their audience is likely to be. Knowing the characteristics of your target audience enables marketing to be targeted precisely, providing an experience that is highly likely to appeal.

Although high-grade marketing is likely to increase the right sort of traffic to your site, there are still significant barriers that can prevent visitors from performing the type of behaviour you want to see more of. Maybe traffic leaves your site after only a few seconds, or people browse, but don’t leave their contact details, request information or purchase your goods or services.

Examining the behaviour of visitors once they’ve clicked through to your landing page and beyond gives valuable insights into why your site isn’t engaging as it could be.

How to examine this behaviour

Although analysis of your site analytics can yield information concerning the length of stay or pages visited, it can’t actually tell you what your visitors looked at whilst they were there. Knowing which bits of your site caused your audience to linger or which parts resulted in them leaving, provides the information needed to shape your online experience more appropriately.

In these circumstances, biometric research – including eye tracking, facial expression analysis and galvanic skin response testing – can provide invaluable sources of data to provide insight into what your visitors are doing and feeling whilst on your site.

Quantifiable biometric data

In our biometric testing lab test participants, recruited to match your target audience, perform tasks on your site; visiting it in the same way as your real customers would. Using sophisticated technology, we track behavioural activity to see exactly how people respond to what you’ve got on offer.

Eye tracking tools, for example, enable us to see which parts of your site people actually look at, linger on or don’t see at all; and also measure pupil dilation of the eye – a measure we have discussed before. Facial expression analysis makes it clear how different parts of your site experience are causing your audience to respond – obviously if your audience are smiling, it’s usually a good sign!

EEG (Electroencephalogram) and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response)

EEG and GSR are two more testing methods that can help fill in the blanks when it comes to audience reactions.

EEGs record brain activity in response to stimuli – and can show just how hard someone is having to work on your site (cognitive load) GSR is a measure of changes in skin conductivity – on a basic level this can be caused by perspiration and strong emotion can cause an increase in perspiration, a sure sign your site is invoking a response!

By combining the results of biometric testing with our knowledge of psychology and human behaviour, we are able to put together a comprehensive set of data on how individuals interact with and respond to your site.

Why use biometric testing?

One of the major advantages of biometric testing is that it is measurable, rather than subjective. Questionnaires inviting feedback or similar qualitative techniques may not give you the accurate information you need. Biometric testing, particularly when used alongside the principles of human behaviour, can provide an in-depth resource that web designers, marketers and, of course, conversion optimisers can use to shape your online experience more effectively.

It’s possible to construct multiple versions of your site, then have them all subjected to biometric testing. This ensures that your chosen version is the very best it can be when it comes to attracting your target audience.

Biometric testing is becoming an increasingly common part of many marketing campaigns and web design projects. The right testing enables you to get things right first time, minimising the risk of a protracted period of refinement and further adjustment (during which your profits might be sub-optimal) before your site is running as well as it possibly can.

With so many advantages, it’s little wonder that a growing number of businesses are opting for the benefits which biometric testing can bring.

At Endless Gain, our data-driven approach uses the results of studies in our biometric lab to help clients give their websites the best possible functionality and to give their customers the best possible experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimise your website.