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Our purpose is to make buying on the web today a better experience than it was yesterday.

We have the experience, skill and knowledge to…

Deliver you revenue growth
Show you where your website is underperforming
Support you in developing your evidence driven optimisation road map
Plan, design, build, run and analyse your experiments
Collaborate and transfer knowledge to your team

Meet Our Senior Team

Neil McKay

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Neil and I’m passionate about helping organisations grow their businesses online by applying data and psychology. Our company Endless Gain is central to this passion.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been helping businesses here in the UK, Europe and USA grow their online profits. Today’s businesses must be more scientific in how they approach business growth and that’s where we can help. In addition, our approach to conversion optimisation enables companies to maximise their marketing channel investments.

Garret Cunningham

Chief Operations Officer

Hi, I’m Garret. I’m a digital marketing specialist with over 10 years’ experience in digital media helping clients to manage multi-channel ecommerce strategies in both domestic and international markets.

Over the years I have led strategy and planning across all digital media channels including search and display, and also expanded this out to cover offline channels including TV, press and OOH.

I believe the next level of growth for many businesses will come from not just knowing what their customers do on site but investing in knowing more about why they do it.

Ben Steadman

Analytics Director

Hi, I’m Ben. I lead the analytics team here at Endless Gain.

I’ve been analysing data and fixing analytics since 2001.

Data plays such a vital part in today’s decision making world. The days of making business decisions based on opinions are disappearing fast and data is replacing it. Analytics is pivotal to this data led world.

Abi Hough

Device Experience & Technical Director

Hi, I’m Abi and I am responsible for Device Experience testing at Endless Gain. I have been involved with all things internet related for over 15 years, ranging from front end development, design, usability, accessibility and conversion tactics, and in that time I have found companies in excess of £150 million of additional revenue through the work I carry out.

My role is to ensure no matter what device, browser or technology a website is viewed on, the content functions correctly and is accessible and usable by everyone, no excuses.

Professor Ben Ambridge


Hi, I’m Ben and I’ve studied and practised psychology for over 18 years. I’m a Reader in Psychology at the University of Liverpool and lead consumer psychology at Endless Gain.

I’m interested in how research findings from academic psychology can be applied in our everyday lives as consumers. And, importantly how psychology plays an influential role in ecommerce.

I write a weekly psychology column for The Observer, and my book, Psy-Q: You Know Your IQ – Now Test Your Psychological Intelligence, has been translated into 15 languages. Check out my TED talk, “Ten Myths about Psychology, Debunked”.

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