Research types

We combine conventional research and cutting-edge biometrics

Conversion Optimisation Research types

The research that we do at Endless Gain breaks down into two broad types. The first is Conventional Research

  • Heuristic analysis
  • Functionality analysis
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Usability analysis
  • Web analytics analysis
  • Mouse tracking analysis
  • Session recordings
  • Google survey
  • Customer surveys
  • Visitor surveys
  • Live chat transcripts
  • User testing
  • Customer support insights
  • Longitudinal study

The second is cutting-edge Biometric Research: Eyetracking, to tell you which parts of your site customers are looking at and when; Facial Expression Recognition, to tell you how they’re feeling when they’re doing so; Galvanic Skin Response, to measure the strength of these emotions; EEG to measure their engagement with your site; and Pupil Dilation to measure their arousal.

But what really sets us apart is the way that we bring together findings from our own conventional and biometric research with findings from decades of academic psychology –  particularly on emotional decision-making and the psychology of persuasion – to make changes to your site that increase both revenue and conversions.

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