Pupil dilation

We use pupil dilation to measure your customers’ arousal

Tracking customers arousal in Conversion Optimisation

Pupil dilation is a measure of arousal. No, not that kind of arousal. At least, not only that kind of arousal. The pupils of your eyes are like a pair of speedometers for your brain. When you’re pepped up and your brain is working hard, your pupils get bigger – this is pupil dilation. When you take a breather, they get smaller again – pupil constriction. You can see this in action for yourself: Stand in front of a mirror and try to memorise a list of words. You will see that your pupils get bigger and bigger with each word that you store.

At Endless Gain, our state-of-the-art eye-trackers can measure your customer’s pupil sizes as they view your site, and do so with to-the-millisecond precision (this is just as well, since pupil dilation happens very quickly, taking just a quarter of a second). How does this help you? Suppose that your customers are finding your checkout form hard work. This will show up in their pupil dilation response – their pupils will get bigger as a result of all the hard work they’re being forced to put in. Or, suppose your landing page shows a big picture of a product you think your customers will love, but it’s actually leaving them cold. Their pupils won’t grow at all. Once we’ve identified the problem, we can help you fix it – whether it’s simplifying the checkout form, changing the design of your landing page, or employing one of our evidence-based psychological techniques. Because when the noradrenaline’s flowing, the pupil’s growing.

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