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Measuring customers emotions in Conversion Optimisation

The trick of telling what other people are thinking by looking at their facial expressions is one of our most fundamental and deep-seated human abilities. In fact, it goes right back to the dawn of our species – our closest evolutionary cousins, chimpanzees, are also able to read emotions such as distress and playfulness off each-others’ faces. Because we humans just can’t help showing our expressions in our faces, monitoring your customers’ facial expressions as they move through your site is a great way of discovering which emotions they’re feeling.

And when it’s paired-up with our state-of-the-art eye tracking technology, our cutting-edge facial expression recognition software allows us to find out which parts of your site are causing which emotions. Are your customers feeling bored or fatigued as they pass through the checkout or navigate a bewildering range of options? Are they feeling excited or elated as they finally find the exact product they’ve been looking for? Are they feeling relaxed and calm as they browse smoothly through the product listings?

Our facial recognition software can tell us. In fact, as well as the seven basic emotions (Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey… Sorry, I mean Anger, Contempt, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise) it recognises no less than fifteen distinct facial expressions. And – let’s hope not – but if it does turn out that your customers are experiencing anger at the checkout or surprise at your website’s navigation system, that’s where we at Endless Gain can help to – literally – get your customers smiling.

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