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User Interaction & Experience in Conversion Optimisation

UX, UI? It’s easy to get confused by the fancy acronyms. But underneath are two very simple – yet vitally important – ideas.

Think about a car. The User Experience (UX) is all about, well, your driving experience. Does the car accelerate quickly yet smoothly? Does it take corners well? Is it a pleasure to drive? Do you get in the zone? Feel flow?

User Interaction (UI) is all about you interact with the car. Is the steering effortless and responsive? Are the gear changes smooth? Does the clutch have just the right level of springiness? Does the dashboard tell you exactly what you need to know?

Of course, UX and UI interact. If you don’t get the UI right, a sports car will feel like an old banger. It’s exactly the same with your site. You need to get the UI spot on, in order for the user to enjoy the UX. This is why our experiments take a holistic approach, targeting both UX and UI, using our unique combination of Biometrics and Psychology.

Indeed, findings from consumer psychology demonstrate that you can’t afford to treat UX/UI as an afterthought. Customers who experience the most absorption or flow on a site make both more purchases and bigger purchases (see, for example, this study)

At Endless Gain, we use our unique knowledge of psychological findings and theory to maximise UX, to maximise flow and to maximise your profits; to ensure that your website is a Ferrari, and not a Reliant Robin.

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