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Psychology of Persuasion in Conversion Optimisation

For many people, the term “psychology” conjures up the image of a bearded Freudian Psychoanalyst in a long white coat asking about your childhood. But this stereotype is 100 years out of date. Modern psychology investigates all aspects of human thinking and human behaviour, using precise cutting-edge quantitative experimental techniques, many of which we use right here at Endless Gain: eye tracking, facial expression recognition, galvanic skin response, EEG and pupil dilation. Theory and findings from academic psychology are hugely useful in conversion optimisation, and, at Endless Gain, we use them every single day.

Many theories and findings – particularly those in the fields of consumer psychology and behavioural economics – have obvious applications in eCommerce. But what are less obviously relevant – and, if anything, even more useful – are those findings that relate to patterns of human thinking and behaviour in general: What makes us tick? What do we find persuasive? How are our decisions affected by our emotions? What are our mental blind-spots?

Lots of conversion optimisation agencies claim to use psychological research, but we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. To prove the point, here are just some of the psychological effects and findings that we’ve put into practice on our clients’ websites: anchoring, decoy effects, less is more, agency, selective attention, attentional bias, delay discounting, ego depletion, intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, the power of free, the Von Restorff effect, labour-love, endowment, loss aversion, choice paradox, the pain of paying, framing, foot-in-the-door, social proof, generation, ambiguity aversion and mental accounting. Phew!

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