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Personalisation in Conversion Optimisation

In 1909, the car manufacturer Henry Ford offered the customer a car in any colour he wants. So long as it’s black. In most businesses, the world has moved on. So why, over 100 years later, are most companies still offering every customer the exact same website?

At Endless Gain, we can help you do things differently. Consumer research shows that customers are more likely to buy from retailers who understand them, who know their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick. And this is particularly true for high-value customers, those who buy the most (the 80:20 rule). It’s called Personalisation, and it’s all about providing a better – and more relevant – experience.

A couple of concrete examples: Should you display your cheaper products at the top of the list and more expensive products later, or vice versa? The answer is that it depends on the personality type of the customer, which you can figure out from their click behaviour and purchase history (you can read more about this on our blog). Should you include a sidebar showing “People who liked this also liked…?”. For some types of customer, this drives sales. Others get so distracted that you risk losing the original sale.

At Endless Gain, we can help you put personalisation in place. We can help you get the right segmented data on your customers, to put the right process in place, and – once your program is running – to manage it alongside your current testing program.

Even Ford got there in the end. Isn’t it time your business joined the 21st Century?

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