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Social Proof Effect


Many of you watching this will have heard of Robert Cialdini – a Psychologist from Arizona State University – who decided to investigate what different persuasion strategies are used by...

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Get a foot in the door


I’m filming right now in Manchester city centre, and if stepped out of the door and walked down the high street, you can pretty much guarantee that I’d be approached...

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Pain of Paying


Picture the scene: It’s been a tough year at work but, finally, here you are on your summer holiday. You stretch out by the pool with a cocktail, feeling contentedly...

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Choice Paradox


I’d like to talk to you today about Buridan’s ass. Now don’t worry, it’s not what it sounds like. Buridan’s is actually a philosophical paradox named after the 14th century...

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Anchoring Effect


I’d like to talk about the anchoring effect. This is one of the most reliable and best-replicated effects in all of psychology. It was first investigated, like many of the...

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Decoy Effect


I first heard about the decoy effect in a book called The Economic Naturalist by Robert Frank. A customer goes into a café and asks the waiter what sandwiches have...

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