Eye tracking and pupil dilation

By Ben Steadman


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What’s the first thing a customer looks at when they visit your page?

Will they notice the special offer banner at the top?

Will they struggle to find the checkout button?

Will they glance through the ‘Customers who bought this also bought…’ section, scrutinise it carefully, or miss it altogether?

And does it make a difference whether they’re viewing your site on their phone, tablet, or laptop?

If you don’t currently use eye tracking, then these questions will leave you stumped. That’s why at Endless Gain we use state-of-the-art eye-trackers to monitor what your customers are looking at and when, with millimetre-to-millimetre and millisecond-to-millisecond precision.

This technology allows us to see what’s currently working well on your site, and what’s not working well. Are customers finding what they’re looking for quickly and easily, or are they struggling? Our cutting-edge software lets you find out, with heat maps – which show you which parts of your site are hot and which are not – and fixation sequences – which show you how the customer’s gaze moves around your site.

Ben Steadman
Hi, I’m Ben. I lead the analytics team here at Endless Gain. I’ve been analysing data and fixing analytics since 2001. Data plays such a vital part in today’s decision making world. The days of making business decisions based on opinions are disappearing fast and data is replacing it. Analytics is pivotal to this data led world.

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