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The Ultimate Pocket Guide to Consumer Psychology: Selling Fast and Slow

Learn How Understanding the Brain’s Two Systems can boost your sales

Until recently scientists believed that human beings were rational. And that we made rational choices based on reasons and expected outcomes. However, this isn’t actually the case.

Our decisions are often not our own conscious rational choices. But the choice of the person attempting to persuade us…

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The Ultimate Pocket Guide to Functionality Testing

Learn How one dull word [functionality] can boost your revenue by £10,000… £260,000… £12,000,000… or even more

When did you last feel like screaming at your computer?

We’ll wager it was because something didn’t work.

And that what functionality is about. Making things work the way they should, so you provide the service or products you should – and make the money you should.


The Dictionary of Conversion Optimisation

Over 1,500 terminologies and phrases explained across 160 pages.

A central challenge for ecommerce professionals is the difficulty in keeping abreast of the latest terminology, definitions, principles and practices surrounding conversion optimisation.

This dictionary is primed to help you get through your day without feeling lost, or missing an opportunity each time new jargon bubbles up in the office or elsewhere around you.


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