Trend Micro Case Study

How Consumer Psychology Helped Trend Micro Increase Revenues

Trend Micro’s objective was to increase their European annual recurring revenue by €2 million. This was achieved in the first year—in fact, one of the winning experiments was rolled out globally and increased revenue by $7m (€6.1m) p.a.

Extensive research across multiple European websites identified a buying behaviour that was detrimental to Trend Micro and its industry. Getting customers to sign up for “free trials” was losing the brand significant revenue.

An experiment was created to remove the free trial offer and replace it with a ‘30-day Money-back Guarantee’. It used various psychological principles including the Endowment Effect and the IKEA Effect.

Trend Micro case study

Variation removed ‘free trial’

The experiment, which ran across 5 European countries (Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom), proved to be extremely successful.

After conducting additional local research, the experiment was replicated in Australia and New Zealand, which again met with success. Ultimately, the experience was rolled out to 40 country-specific websites.

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