Case Study: Is There Value in a Value Proposition?

This lingerie retailer specialised in selling AAA, AA, and A cup bras. Without this retailer, customers during surveys stated their alternative was to wear T-shirts, bras for teenagers, or make do with ill-fitting bras.

When customer research asked, “How has this purchase improve your life?”, customers’ answers became very emotional, with one saying, “You have helped me feel like a woman again.” Several similar answers were seen.

It was at this point that we believed the true value proposition of this retailer to its audience became apparent.

Hypothesis and Psychological Technique Applied

We believed that incorporating the value proposition in a prominent area on the main landing pages (PLP, PDP, and Homepage) would immediately build an emotional connection, showing the customer that the retailer cared about them and they could help them. We believed this would encourage more users to buy from the site.


We used the customers’ exact quote—“Feel like a woman again”—as the value proposition (the reason customers should buy from this retailer) and placed it strategically across the main landing pages.

Value proposition

(L) Control (R) Variation


From the observed data, we were able to see that the Variation showed a high probability of being better than the Control.


For this target audience, the customer’s words were powerful, emotional, and persuasive.

As a result, the retailer used these words across their marketing collateral (online and offline).

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