Case Study: How Can We Make It Easier for Users to Find the Right Products on PLP?

The products sold by this home décor retailer were quite similar to each other, but their prices were quite different. We saw in session recordings and user interviews that people found it difficult to distinguish among products and got confused about why prices were so different.

The product listings page did not have sufficient information that would help users differentiate the products, understand why the prices were higher or lower, and decide if a product was right for them.

This was leading to high drop-off rates and bounce rates on the PLP, where this hurdle prevented users from continuing to browse or settle on a product to buy.

Hypothesis and Psychological Technique Applied

We believed that highlighting product details on the PLP will allow users to differentiate among products, thereby avoiding choice paralysis. This would also allow users to compare products easily, which would, in turn, enable them to find the right product.


The Control on PLP only had the product name and price listed. For the Variation, we added 2 key features of each product under the product name.

PLP product description


PLP product description



From the observed data, we were able to see that the Variation showed a high probability of being better than the Control, especially for new users. Click-throughs to the PDP and conversion rates saw a significant increase.


Making it easier for users to compare products easily on the PLP can encourage them to purchase.

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