Case Study: Does Showing Benefits of Buying from You Mean More Consumers Will Buy from You?

For this fashion retailer, Google Analytics highlighted a significant drop-off from the PDP to the basket.

Heatmaps showed that most users scrolled to the main ‘Add to Bag’ and ‘Add to Wishlist’ CTAs area of the page. Psychological research highlighted that this specific segment of users valued style over fit. Customer research also told us that users had concerns about returns.

Hypothesis and Psychological Technique Applied

We hypothesised that redesigning the CTA area with better message framing, making the main CTA stand out, and adding in triggers that answer customers’ concerns would help more people add products to the basket and check out.

This test also followed the Fogg Behaviour Model, bringing together motivation, ability, and a prompt to elicit an action or behaviour from the customer.


We reduced the visual hierarchy of the ‘Add to Wishlist’ CTA so that it was not as prominent as the main ‘Add to Basket’ CTA.

We also inserted 4 key trigger messages underneath the main CTA that appealed to the customers’ needs, wants, and beliefs.

Benefits of purchase messaging


Benefits of purchase messaging



From the observed data, we were able to see that the Variation showed a high probability of being better than the Control.


Each page has an objective and everything else on the page should come secondary to that.

By focusing on helping the user achieve their objective and by answering the questions they have when they are considering their decision, we were able to help this target audience achieve their goal, which in turn benefited the retailer.

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