Auto Trader Case Study: Win, Learn, but Never Lose!

The experience optimisation that won Auto Trader and Endless Gain the UK Digital Growth Award 2019.

Auto Trader are the UK and Ireland’s largest digital automotive marketplace. In partnership with them and focusing specifically on private car sales, Endless Gain’s role was to help their customer sell their cars online on

The process of selling your car online is complex and involves many steps such as creating your advert (including uploading images of your car), selecting the appropriate advertisement package, and finally checking out securely. As you’d imagine, each of these steps within the funnel runs the risk of drop-offs.

Our main objective was to optimise the customers’ buying experience within the multi-stepped funnel so that more customer place their adverts and sell their cars through Auto Trader.

Extensive research and a number of workshops highlighted that the selling price of the vehicle was a key challenge. The website suggested a recommended selling price based on the car industry’s leading database.

However, customers perceived their vehicle to be worth much more. This disconnect was a problem and a key reason for people dropping out of the process.

Multiple experiment iterations help reach the right experience

The experiment was not won immediately; it took multiple iterations, additional research, and workshops before the final Variation outperformed the Control significantly.

Auto Trader case study

The award-winning experiment

What was rewarding, however, was that the series of experiments epitomised what experimentation is all about. Not every experiment wins. What is important is the learning you take from each experiment, because these lessons will fuel your next iteration and your next test.

Eventually, you will deliver the experience that your target audience will approve of and thereby increase your conversions and revenue.

“We set out to find an agency that could not only help support our experimentation approach but also one that we could learn from and build a long-term partnership with: Endless Gain are definitely that agency. I’ve been particularly impressed with their ability to move swiftly, generating high-quality tests that help achieve our objectives.

“One thing that sets Endless Gain apart is their approach to user psychology and online human behaviour, which drives the way they generate new ideas. I’d happily recommend Endless Gain; they’re great people to work with, and we look forward to continuing our partnership!”



Watch David Coleman Jones talk about Auto Trader’s experience with Endless Gain.

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