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Can Being Brutal Ever Be Good?

Brutalism gives you the opportunity to break out of the mundane, replicated web design we have become familiar with. It can be simple and elegant, giving your visitors and customers...

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The Scientifically Proven Way to Catch Someone’s Eye

Preattentive processing is the brain’s ability to react to stimuli without thinking Visual stimuli that can be processed in less than 250 milliseconds are considered preattentive Understanding and taking advantage...

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What Can Pupil Dilation Tell You About Your Customers?

Eye tracking is much more than just what a customer is looking at on your site—pupil dilation offers an additional strand of data for insights. Changes in pupil size can...

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Shopping Cart Killers | How to Decrease Cart Abandonment

Nearly 70% of website visitors abandon their shopping carts. But don’t think it’s inevitable that you’ll lose them completely because you can take steps to reduce the problem. Simplify your...

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Is Lack Of Accessibility Losing You Money?

16% of the UK population have a disability and they have a combined spending power in excess of £212 billion Does your website cater to their needs? How much revenue...

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Give Your Website a Credibility Boost

First impressions count, so ensure your website looks professional. Use social proofs and list high profile customers, but monitor the latter in case of bad publicity. Make sure all your...

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