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Buy it NOW | Intention-Behaviour Gap in CRO

Almost 50% of people who intend to make a purchase from a website don’t, that’s a lot of lost revenue. Find out the key triggers that will help consumers complete...

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Site Search. Has Yours Got Teeth?

People who use your website search have a higher level of purchase intent than those that are just browsing. Because of this, they will on average convert 5 or 6...

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9 Easy Steps to Optimise Website Forms for Better Conversions

Check your analytics data to see how many visitors actually proceed on their buying journey beyond your online form. Then ask yourself why the data shows so many leaving your...

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How Progressive Enhancement Can Future-proof Your Conversions

The web industry evolves quickly and over time, concepts and methodologies change, or more often, get refined and improved upon. The underrated concept of progressive enhancement isn’t actually that new...

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How to Use the Anchoring Effect to Win More Business

The numbers you use on your website can affect your customers’ frame of reference—big numbers mean they think big, whereas small numbers cause the opposite. A recent survey found that...

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Testing Your Value Proposition Is One of the Best Things to Do to Increase Conversions

Your value proposition should help your customers understand who you are and what you do at a glance (within five seconds). It should clarify the benefits of your offer that...

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