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You Better Wake Up and Pay Attention

Pay attention! How many times did you hear that in school? If you’re like most people, quite a bit. We all naturally find our attention drawn away from things that...

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It’s been emotional

We saw back in November’s blog that customers are not coolly logical, and instead base many of their decisions largely on emotion. That is, to use a metaphor popularised in...

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Sweat is sweet

It’s a familiar scene on daytime TV the world over, from Jerry Springer to Jeremy Kyle. Accusations of infidelity (and sometimes chairs) are tossed around (“What about that time at...

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How do you find $100m of Lost Revenue without creating a single experiment?

It’s a bold claim, but entirely doable. How? Functionality testing websites and finding bugs that create barriers to conversion will find you a bucket load of cash for very little...

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The Pain Of Paying

Picture the scene: It’s been a tough year at work but, finally, here you are on your summer holiday. You stretch out by the pool with a cocktail, feeling contentedly...

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Harnessing the foot-in-the-door technique

Walk down any high street in the UK, and the odds are you will be approached by a representative of a charity. What do they say? “Would you like to...

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