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A/B Testing Vital to Keep up with Evolving User Behaviour: Michael Parker, Frasers Group

CRO Insights Series: Spotlight on Michael Parker, Frasers Group Online shopping was commonplace even before the pandemic struck. But the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns fast-tracked the shift to online shopping...

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Consumer Psychology in Optimisation: What Works for Furniture and Home Furnishing Brands

In our previous post, we spoke about the consumer psychology principles that work for clothing and fashion brands. The way customers of these businesses behave and what they want from...

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What We Learnt from Optimising for Fashion Clients

Two of the most important rules of experimentation are: a) Listen to your users, and b) Test everything.   Endless Gain are firm believers in these two principles. Our UX researchers...

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Future Belongs to Companies That Do More Than Just Sell a Product: David Kohn, Heal’s

CRO Insights Series: Spotlight on David Kohn, Heal’s The past two years have not been easy for eCommerce businesses, but many sectors performed pretty well. One such sector is the...

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Consumer Psychology in Optimisation: What Works for Apparel & Fashion Websites

At Endless Gain, we take a customer-first approach to optimisation by emphasising consumer psychology and behavioural economics. We’ve often been asked, which consumer psychology or design principle works the best?...

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Online Beauty Customers Want Discounts and Freebies

Market research is a key part of our optimisation research process, and we do that for each client we work with, whether as part of end-to-end optimisation or as one-off...

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