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Optimise a Low-Traffic Website

Low-traffic and low-transactional websites can be optimised without testing Track and measure everything that is happening on your website Fix things that need to be fixed and put things (call...

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How to Prioritise Your Tests

You can’t test everything at once. Prioritising your tests will help you focus on what really matters. Prioritise based upon importance, potential and ease of implementation. OK, you’ve done your...

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Web Users Demand Clarity

Successful websites incorporate five important design principles that put the user first Those websites make it easy for users to find what they want Designers make great websites by using conversion optimisation...

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Heuristic Analysis: What’s Wrong with This Picture

Heuristic analysis is the initial research performed by an experienced optimiser who wants to identify problems in your website that are causing you to lose money. The optimiser follows the journey your visitors take...

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Improving Landing Page Conversion

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg developed a hierarchy of conversion. It makes great sense of the conversion process—and is along the lines of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (i.e., how people are...

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Conversion Optimisation for Mobile Sites

Growth in mobile e-commerce is booming. You may be profiting from it already or you are considering investing more in providing an optimised mobile shopping experience for your customers. If...

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