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October networking dinner

We had a wonderful evening at King Street Townhouse on Thursday 17th October celebrating with current clients and friends. Photos from the evening below.

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Low conversions? Blame Amy. Amy Gdala.

Why buy today, when you can buy tomorrow… Are procrastinators killing your conversions? We are all probably guilty of it – not doing that thing that you were supposed to...

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A Vue to a Kill

Queuing… a national pastime of British people if you were to believe some stereotypes, but no matter what way you look at it queuing is one of those things that...

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Optimising optimisation

Most of us joined the business of website optimisation because we love making that subtle yet impactful change and seeing the performance skyrocket. I myself still get surprised how a...

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Biometrics and Experimental Consumer Psychology Part 5 – Facial Expression Analysis

So far in our five-stop tour of the use of biometrics in conversion optimisation, we have investigated: eye-tracking – for finding out where your customers are looking, EEG – for...

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Biometrics and Experimental Consumer Psychology Part 4 – GSR

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) (also known as Skin Conductance or Electrodermal Activity) is a measure of intensity of emotional arousal: When you’re worked up, you perspire, increasing the conductivity of...

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