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Consumer Psychology in Optimisation: What Works for Furniture and Home Furnishing Brands

In our previous post, we spoke about the consumer psychology principles that work for clothing and fashion brands. The way customers of these businesses behave and what they want from...

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What We Learnt from Optimising for Fashion Clients

Two of the most important rules of experimentation are: a) Listen to your users, and b) Test everything.   Endless Gain are firm believers in these two principles. Our UX researchers...

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Consumer Psychology in Optimisation: What Works for Apparel & Fashion Websites

At Endless Gain, we take a customer-first approach to optimisation by emphasising consumer psychology and behavioural economics. We’ve often been asked, which consumer psychology or design principle works the best?...

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Quick Guide to Experimentation & Personalisation Platforms

If you are a digital business, you must have website optimisation strategies in place. Experimenting with CX, UI, and content, and personalising content and recommendations for customers have become the...

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How to Use ‘How Might We Sessions’ to Rapidly Generate A/B Test Ideas

One of the regular activities of an optimisation team—whether in-house or an agency—is to generate ideas and hypotheses to conduct A/B tests. And one of the most valuable tools in...

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15 Expert CRO Strategies to Boost Your Digital Business

Last week we partnered with Contentsquare for a champagne breakfast event discussing ‘sexy experimentation’ where 5 optimisation experts spoke about conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies to boost digital businesses. Our...

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