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Using Biometrics to Understand Human Behaviour

As an ecommerce director or marketing manager, you job is to maximise both your conversions and your profits, by maximising your customers’ behaviour on your site. But in order to...

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How biometric research makes your website the best it can be

When it comes to online marketing, even fledgling businesses will normally have a clear idea of who their audience is likely to be. Knowing the characteristics of your target audience...

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When should you reinvent the wheel?

Redesigning a website can be a costly exercise, and can run the risk of alienating your users, harming your conversions and landing you back where you started Deciding why you...

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Testing your value proposition is one of the best things you can do to increase conversions

Your value proposition should help your customers understand who you are and what you do at a glance (within five seconds) It should clarify the benefits of your offer that...

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Have you optimised for inbound telephone calls?

Inbound calls = red hot leads: optimise your website to make more of them – Inbound telephone calls are red hot leads from people ready to convert—and that’s where you...

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Why laboratory-based user testing is better than remote

Lab-based user testing gives optimisers the opportunity to select participants that match a website’s target audience It provides many additional layers of data you can only capture in a controlled...

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