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You better wake up and pay attention

Pay attention! How many times did you hear that in school? If you’re like most people, quite a bit. We all naturally find our attention drawn away from things that...

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Review or die

Adding Social proof is a great way to help boost conversions Used cleverly it can bolster your brand and your audience It can provide insights into how well as a...

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When should you reinvent the wheel?

Redesigning a website can be a costly exercise, and can run the risk of alienating your users, harming your conversions and landing you back where you started Deciding why you...

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Site Search. Has yours got teeth?

People who use your website search have a higher level of purchase intent than those that are just browsing Because of this they will on average convert 5 or 6...

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Web Users Demand Clarity

Successful websites incorporate five important design principles that put the user first Those websites make it easy for users to find what they want Designers make great websites by using conversion optimisation...

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