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Psychology plays an influential role in getting people to buy. We know how to apply it to improve your revenue


To get people to buy from your website, you need to be able to understand what makes them tick.

And, that requires understanding the psychology behind why they came to your website and what they expect from it. Which requires knowledge about the human brain, how it functions and how people think.

In reality, your customers don’t make rational choices. Most of their decisions are made subconsciously, and few are made consciously. And, there’s a world of difference between selling something to someone who instinctively knows what they want and someone who is consciously and laboriously weighing up their buying options.

So, you need to be able to tap into the brain’s two systems: System 1 (subconscious) and System 2 (conscious).


The brain's two systems

Importantly, you need to know how you can stimulate both systems to persuade them to buy from you and not from somewhere else. We have the psychology expertise to apply ethical persuasive techniques to reassure your customers that your website will answer their needs, whether they’re in System 1 or System 2 mode.

And, by answering their immediate System 1 desires as well as stimulating their slower, System 2 decision making, we’ll help you increase your revenue.

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