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Conversion optimisation is the process of fine tuning your webpages to make you more money

Conversion optimisation

  • Conversion optimisation is about identifying where, how and why your site is leaking money so that we can plug the holes and stem the flow of lost cash
  • It’s about persuading your customers to take the action you want them to
  • It’s about giving your customers what they want, when they want it, and in the manner they want it

We have a five-stage, scientific conversion optimisation process.

1. Research and insights
We drive the optimisation process by discovering what will make you more money by analysing your customers so that you will know exactly who they are, how they use your website, and their buying habits. You’ll also know how, where and why your website is losing money. The process includes experience-based assessment (heuristic analysis, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, usability), quantitative research (web analytics, eye tracking and user-session video monitoring), and qualitative research (surveys, interviews, live-chat monitoring, customer insights and user testing).

2. Problems and hypotheses
We will identify and map out solutions to your website’s problems using the data we collect. We will create treatments/hypotheses for the pages that matter. We’ll prioritise testing for potential improvements, importance and ease of implementation.

3. Creating your treatment
Your conversion optimisation treatment will be tested thoroughly to make sure it is fit for purpose, which involves wire-framing, designing, coding and quality assurance of your treatment. For example, we may run an A/B test to see how a newly created page performs against your current page.

4. Testing your treatment
Live testing your target audience helps with proving the hypothesis. We follow scientific methodology to ensure data is clean, results are valid and can be trusted.
5. Rinse and repeat
Through iterative testing, we learn a lot about your customers and what keeps them moving through the buying process of your site. Each test should give us new data and insights that we can use to improve your next hypotheses and test.

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